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Week in review December 10th - 16th

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This is a usual post of the other place I go - Post your workouts for the week -<br><br>
M = 8 easy<br>
T = 14 5x(6 minutes hard / 4 easy) - Hard = LAT<br>
W = 8 easy<br>
TH = 16 with last 3 miles progressive to Vo2 Max<br>
F = 7 easy<br>
SA = 22.5 with 16 easy then 5x(5hard / 4 easy) LAT<br>
SU = 9.5 really easy<br><br>
Total 86 miles running + 5.5 hours of other aerobic + 3 core sessions + 5 weight sessions.<br><br>
All paces are still 1 - 1:15 slower than before injury, but this week felt pretty good - Comeback week #4 after a 12 week layoff.<br><br>
Good running to all -
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It was a good week for me. I currently do 2o miles a week 5 miles by 4 days. Hoping to get up to 30 for race season. Just either don't want to run super long or don't really have the time. I really do just an hour when I do run except on Saturday I am able to get in a bit longer run. Nice running this week.
I am almost at 1000, but I don't think I will get there this year. Not sure of the complete mileage as the new coolrunning log does not show the total mileage for the year. either that or I don't know how to navigate the site.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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