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Wednesday, November 10th

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<p>Morning Kicksters...</p>
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<p>Up at 4 stared at the ceiling for a bit then ate came on down here.  Surprised to find no one here.  Cool and clear here this morning but equipped with my new tights I will venture out into the dark morning for another 23 minute run.  Get to kick it up a few tomorrow for Veterans day. </p>
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<p>Speaking of vets, any sign of Dave lately?</p>
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<p>Have a good one!<br>
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Dave is having some major knee issues and posted on Facebook that the doc said a replacement may be in order. If you are the praying type, send some his way.<br><br>
I got in 10 miles in just under 91 minutes on the trails this morning. Now off to buy some new shoes.
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