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Wednesday Nov 24 Sooper Dooper Fitness thread

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<p>Only posting this to get it started.  I haven't fitnessed in 3 weeks. </p>
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<p>hey kids,</p>
<p>i had a second to check in so here i am.  i try and read when i can (from my bberry while on the road...pretty safe, huh? i do make sure no one is around me when i'm distracted.  and, i don't do it that often.).</p>
<p>i'm too am psyched to see you(s) getting back after it - you(s) being the returning from injury/break/etc crowd.</p>
<p><strong>winter</strong>, it's great to see that you have rekindled your love affiar...with the mill.  nice to see you back around these parts.</p>
<p>now a Pie Run is something i could really get into!!!!!!!!!!!  yeah baby!</p>
<p><strong>RIL</strong>, i have to the cheers on DS wanting to run w/you.  how cool.</p>
<p><strong>litch</strong>, you still working in some core work and stuff these days?</p>
<p>i never did see what went on in philly other than <strong>jill</strong> snatching a bq (congrats!) and lots of spectating.  how is <strong>baggs</strong> faring?</p>
<p><strong>trev</strong>, still on a running streak?  last i saw it was 13 days.</p>
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<p>not much activity on my end to report on - i am able to get to the gym 2 or at best 3 times a week - today being one of them.  (in protest to having too many things to do).</p>
<p>i rode the boredom bike for 25 min (w/2X 30 sec standing intervals @ max setting), ran on the TM uphill (13%) for a mile and then 2 more miles at 6%.  i can't believe i'm missing the awesome weather - 48* perfectly sunny - but i'm really trying to follow the doc's orders (well, mostly) by limiting myself to the TM.  sofaking boring.</p>
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<p>happy turkey to all of you - yes, even the canadian contingents.  you deserve some cooked bird too.</p>
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<p>8 days and counting...</p>
<p>i guess the santa speedo run is out for me this year.</p>
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<p>i think it's a margarita night chez 2oh.</p>
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