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Wednesday Nov 17

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<p>Good morning all.</p>
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<p>I decided to take a rest day today -- my knee is bothering me a bit and I have a race tomorrow...</p>
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<p>Tomorrow afternoon is the "Turkey Trot" here at work -- that very short, very steep uphill/downhill race. It is always a ton of fun and I am getting excited. Here is the elevation again:</p>
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<p><a class="H-lightbox-open" href="" target="_blank"><img alt="elevationxi0.gif" class="lightbox-enabled" data-id="14989" data-type="61" src="" style="; width: 485px; height: 305px"></a></p>
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<p>loopy--that is just nuts!!!</p>
<p>Jill--nice 5er</p>
<p>BBS--um, is that shooting running or hunting?  btw, bet you'll think this is pretty cool- a friend of mine was in a really bad accident over 2yrs ago and still doesn't have full use of his left arm (can't lift anything heavier than a soda can).  Super bummed that he's not been able to hunt.  A friend at his church found someplace that specializes in hunters with special needs.  He's going deer hunting this season!!!</p>
<p>zrun--"enjoy" the PT</p>
<p>Dan--hang in there!!!</p>
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<p>Super easy little trot this morning.  Nope, still don't have my legs back.  Ended up taking the short cut back home. I'm pretty much where I expected to be.  Had hoped to knock out a HM on 12/5, but we'll see.</p>
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