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Wednesday, May 17 - Workouts!

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So...feeling old today as my great nephew (nephew's son) turns 16!!!! today!! And he'll have his permit to drive in a couple of weeks. YIKES!

Winnie the pooh and the blustery day out there today - but out on the roads for a 5K run, which felt pretty decent.

SB- ah mud season! don't miss that at all! Good luck at training!

Geo - nice pace! I was happy with my 15+ yesterday lol

Yo - when do you leave for your bike trip?
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Zoj - the trip starts from my SIL’s house in upper peninsula of Michigan (we call U.P.), which is about 8.5hrs away. So… I’m leaving home tomorrow PM to drive 2/3 of the way. Staying hotel. Then work Friday and drive to her house. This way I won’t have to take a day off! Learned from DD, she worked (from anywhere) like this to visit many places during COVID shutdown. Our bike trip starts Sat morning!! Bike weighs over 70lbs without water. OMG.

gosh I haven’t worked out much at all.2-mile walk and 2-mile test ride of my freakin heavy bike.
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