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Wednesday March 26th

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I had a decent one this morning - Planned a long run with 24-18-12-6 minutes at T wtih 4-3-2 minutes recovery between. What I got was I slept in a little, so I had to cut out the last 6 minutes @ T.<br><br>
17 miles with 24-18-12 minutes @ T with 4-3 minutes recovery between.<br><br>
I am happy with this effort, but sad my T-Pace is about 1:00 per mile slower than last year. It will come in chunks as I take weight off in chunks <img alt="smile.gif" src=""><br><br>
Good running to all
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6.6 miles at lunch. 3.3 out into a heinous headwind (30mph, gusting to 45) then 3.3 back at a blazing tempo pace... gotta love tailwinds.
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