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Repeat post - right date :)

Welcome back SBee! Way to kick against the slump... What are haggalunds? Apparently something that gets stuck :)

Took yesterday off.

Joined in the snow fun with 45-50 mins of snowblowing this AM (no shoveling for me!) ... We probably ended up with 4-6 total as well (why do they make snowstorms such great events on the news? .Granted, a normal 4-6 inch fall for us is not as bad as the weird weather some people get, but it seems like the national news wants to turn everything into a catastrophe!) At any rate - still waiting for a GOOD snowfall. This ended up in wetter and heavier stuff that compressed the fluffier below ... I want at least ONE storm with a foot of new snow... so I'll gladly take that foot SBee...

Today I got in about an hour of Zwift with a pacer ride after work. Nothing too strenuous.

DD took a mini trip to Copenhagen, Denmark/Malmo, Sweden this week, and had to send me a photo of this (from Copenhagen). Why doesn't the US have cycling infrastructure like this?.

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