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Zoj - 13 games behind?!? Yankees that good this year?! Guardians are in the second place and in a hunt for the wildcard place if not for the first. We haven’t gone to the tigers stadium this year to watch guardians. They were just here this weekend.

geo - you still have family in UK? That’s cool to go back and spend more time with them.

I think I’m packed and ready to go. For 8-day bike tour (10-days total out of the house). We will certainly kill the hanging basket flowers.

2-mile walk during lunch. And 8-mile run (yeah it was aggressive…), I was determined to run to a bank to get some cash (cash?!? my gf prefers me to pay her back with cash), return a book to a library and pickup high-altitude meds I just got from my doc (for Grand Teton trip in Aug). Hot and slow but got it done. Ran into a couple/friends (hubby is my DH’s scout buddy and their kid son is DS’s scout buddy) and ended up chatting away to catch up with kids stuff and the Grand Teton trip (which the hubby did the same hike several years ago). In short, pretty nice day. Ya know, relationships are all we got at the end of the day :).

Phew. It will be hectic day tomorrow too, with 5-hrs drive to north of Toronto.
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