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Wednesday, January 4th

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<p>Morning, everyone.</p>
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<p>Up very early today -- everything's just a bit off.  Good pool workout yesterday, and got out for an 8-mile greenbelt run, too.  Today, I'll hit the bike trainer for an hour, and do some weights if there's time.</p>
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<p>Good ones to all.</p>
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<p>chances--nice job with the swim/run.  "Enjoy" the drainer.</p>
<p>Hawk--smart to focus on form in the fishbowl.</p>
<p>BBS--not a clue on the bike.  I've always had road bikes.  The kids have mountain bikes.  On occasion I've taken one down the bike path in the snow.  Perhaps check out a couple bike shops and see what they have to say.</p>
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<p>Fishbowl this morning.  Just not happening.  Bagged it at 1000.  Still tons to do at home getting the house back in shape after being gone last week.  As much as I enjoyed it, I'm starting to think it just isn't worth it to get away.</p>
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