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Wednesday Jan 26

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<p>Good morning all.</p>
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<p>Did the 10-mile mountain road route again in light snow/sleet. heavier stuff is supposed to come this afternoon -- just in time for my evening commute -- yeah! May take a half day depending on what it looks like...</p>
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<p>5 miles on the TM this morning.  Could have gone at 4am, which is when we got a phone call to say we have a niece (a week early).  Decided to sleep into 5am.  May so some speedwork with some buddies on the local indoor track tonight .  Not planning on more than 3 miles (famous last words).</p>
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<p><strong>kfuller</strong> - enjoy the other</p>
<p><strong>BBS</strong> - Bummer.  You been hanging out with Alex?  Heal walks and calf raise for you.</p>
<p><strong>Loopy</strong> - how was the beardcicle today?</p>
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