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Well I'm back.. I don't entirely remember the weekend took SO skiing sunday but he only wanted to go a few miles (I had broken trial up the slope). Monday I think jsut strength workout
Yesterday to the cardiologist who finds this to be not concerning but a warning to monitor and chnage his ways! He wants to try some lifestyle things to improve it. Since he is better under stress/workouts he has to keep them up. It maybe from the combination of altitude and apnea..we shall see more testing but less worrying!
With that and work settling down I got some better rest but had meetings all day today so only got out for a short walk. Its super windy and cold out

I think we are going to Colorado next weekend for him to pick up a fancy snow travel machine. I'm annoyed as I'd like some time to get back to routine and dont' look forward to having more machines around to break down. I am trying to spot some good x-c ski venues along the way (we'll go via Denver then south to pueblo)
1 - 1 of 4 Posts