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Wednesday, Jan 25 - Workouts!

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Wow Yo - what do they recommend for the dystopia?

Geo - that is really good price! Right now I'm looking at about $850 RT on British Airways. Have you flown IBeria before?

Today? 30 min on the trainer and 20 BW class from my former coach and PT...
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I think so - Spanish airline. Far as I remember it was alright. At least they feed you for the price of the ticket :)

Got in a quick stage of Tour du Zwift this morning (virtual NYC -15 miles with 1100 virtual feet climbing). It's snowing at the moment, so figure I'll be back out with the snowblower at some point tonight...
Well I'm back.. I don't entirely remember the weekend took SO skiing sunday but he only wanted to go a few miles (I had broken trial up the slope). Monday I think jsut strength workout
Yesterday to the cardiologist who finds this to be not concerning but a warning to monitor and chnage his ways! He wants to try some lifestyle things to improve it. Since he is better under stress/workouts he has to keep them up. It maybe from the combination of altitude and apnea..we shall see more testing but less worrying!
With that and work settling down I got some better rest but had meetings all day today so only got out for a short walk. Its super windy and cold out

I think we are going to Colorado next weekend for him to pick up a fancy snow travel machine. I'm annoyed as I'd like some time to get back to routine and dont' look forward to having more machines around to break down. I am trying to spot some good x-c ski venues along the way (we'll go via Denver then south to pueblo)
Zoj - My neurologist thinks something going on related to the dysteria but he wants me to see a specialist. So don’t know yet what I have and what treatment is available….

SB - “snow travel machine” like the one he has already?!? Lol, more machines to breakdown….

Nothing today. Heavy snow was coming down as I gave DD ride to the airport earlier today then our turns to go to. 1.5hrs delay isn’t too bad. After we left home only to find about the delay, we can home and snow blowed. Heading to Fort Lauderdale now!
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