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Hi all, hope you are having a good week so far. It's been hectic here.

5miles run during lunch to pick up DH's car from the tire store where winter tires were put on. Those guys have been super busy. Legs felt so dead, not sure why.

Took DD to the airport after work - she is heading to AZ to see her friends and spend some time at Grand Canyon. This is her second time but she was like 7 or so when we all went together, so she is looking forward to do some serious hiking. I needed to work after that again, to get ready for 6am meeting tomorrow... Ugh. Then I just received another meeting invite at 9pm tomorrow night...... Ugh. I soooo deserve taking 2hr lunch to go for a swim!!! This didn't stop me from doing 1hr of Yoga/strength exercises. As some evenings this week are busy, I needed to get in this workout. Keeping up with 10hrs-workouts per week gets tough during winter time.

After I saw Hadestown (2019 Tony winning Broadway musical) last week, I read more about it, listened to their cast recording. I should have done more reading beforehand. I highly recommend if the touring company comes to a place near you!
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