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Kind of our own little private Idaho here huh?<br><br>
Pink, Thanks for the update. I have been like you, setting a goal and telling myself if I don't make it I'll switch to the half. But I keep hitting the darn things. So go in positive and see what comes out. 3 weeks back I ran with perch; last week with busiman. I am still out of synch so I may do a two week taper.<br><br>
You're in. Stay hydrated and keep us posted.<br><br>
I am slacking this week. Busy at work and I after the 22 I had that "I deserve a break today" feeling. A short tri on Sunday. So my shortish longish run will be ...when?<br><br>
ok, talk to later,<br>
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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