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Wednesday, August 5

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Is it really back? <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Smile"><br><br>
12.06 mile run this morning in beautiful temps of around 50 degrees. 1:42:17 (8:29). Did my 6 mile route 2x with negative splits. Yay!
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Looks that way - For now <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Smile"><br><br>
Well, I managed a lunch time 5 miler today in 37:04, a new PR for the route. I wasn't planning on a fast run, just sort of happened that way -<br><br>
Yesterday was a rest day, and on Monday I had a 90 minute sadistic workout with my PT, so I was just ready for the run today.<br><br>
Will be unlikely to log the next few days as I ama way at a Conference, so keep th eplace tidy while I'm away.<br><br>
And it's September!!! Why can't I change the title, oh WHY??? dooh.
Wow, I can't believe you ran 12 this morning before work. And at that pace! Guess I can't complain about being tired.<br><br>
Track workout tonight - 4 x 600m and 3 x 1000m. That'll kick my ass for sure.
I think you've mentioned Pfitz before ...are you following his 18/70 plan by any chance? And if so, what's your fall marathon?
8.3 miles at 6:15 this morning and it was like 90% humidity. Total time was 1:22:08 for a pace of 9:54. When is fall going to arrive?
Hey runningINnyc,<br><br>
I believe jen is following the 18/55 plan. I'm doing the 18/70 plan. Pretty quick though I'll be able to say I WAS following his 18/70 plan! <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Smile"> One week from Saturday. Yikes! <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Surprised"><br><br>
Great run today jen! Awesome job out there, and the same goes for all of you!<br><br>
As for me:<br><br><b>Daily Run Report</b><br><br><b>Date:</b> 09/05/2007 <b>Time:</b> 15:28<br><b>Run Type:</b> Just A Run<br><b>Distance:</b> 5.0 miles<br><b>Total time:</b> 00:52:54.4 <b>Average Per Mile:</b> 00:09:33.2<br><b>Course:</b> OTHER COURSE<br><b>Max HR (for entire workout):</b> 148<br><b>Average HR:</b> 129<br><b>Shoes:</b> Mizuno Wave Ascend 2 - 05/2007 <b>Date Entered Service:</b> 05/08/2007 <b>Ending Mileage:</b> 266.3<br><b>Weather:</b><br><b>Temperature:</b> 72 <b>Temperature Type:</b> Ambient Air <b>Time:</b> Start<br><b>Temperature:</b> 74 <b>Temperature Type:</b> Ambient Air <b>Time:</b> End<br><b>Dew Point:</b> 43 <b>Time:</b> Start<br><b>Dew Point:</b> 42 <b>Time:</b> End<br><b>Wind speed:</b> 1 <b>Max Gust:</b> 6 <b>Direction:</b> NW<br><br><a href="" target="_blank">MERRIMACK RIVER TRAIL</a><br><br>
Plan tonight was to run 5 miles of recovery. I did it on the trail.<br><br>
I took it nice and easy and was very mindful of where my feet were falling. Last thing I need now is to get hurt.<br><b>Run Segments<br>
Name Time Distance AvgMile HR AvgHR Total Time</b><br>
2.5m out 00:23:47.5 2.5 00:09:31.0 128 132 00:23:47.5<br>
2.5m back 00:23:58.5 2.5 00:09:35.4 141 133 00:47:46.0<br>
Recov-1 00:03:07.3 0.0 00:00:00.0 80 99 00:50:53.3<br>
Recov-2 00:02:01.1 0.0 00:00:00.0 74 79 00:52:54.4
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4 miles in the park with my friend. Hotter than I expected!
Yes, I'm following the 18/55 plan. I'm in 5 weeks to goal race week, but from here onward what I do is going to be a bit different than what Pfitz called for, because I've got a few things going on. Reach the Beach next week, then the Lake Winnipesaukee Relay the week after that. My fall marathon is Baystate on 10/14.<br><br>
Thanks EQ, you are going to kick butt in Alaska!
4 miles this morning in the sticky air. Was going to go to the track this evening but I'm being a bum. Do a couple of repeats for me Arrojo!
Hmmmm - something's up. I got back from my run last night with a speedier than usual run to report and the website is down . . . tonight I get back to log a 5 mile run and there is no Wednesday <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Confused">. So, I figured maybe I should start this thing up again . . .<br><br>
5 miles tonight finishing at dusk. I carried a small flashlight in case it was too dusky near the end and used it during the last mile. I should get one of those flashy lighty things, but I don't usually time my runs that close to darkness.<br><br>
Pro - I should have a 22.5 <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Very Happy"> run for later this week. This will probably be my make or break decision between the full or 1/2. Since my 20 miler, my runs have not been going well at all until last night's run. It only takes one run to make things feel better - kind of like golf - one good hole in a round keeps you coming back for more - although I did put away my golf clubs 2 years ago . . .
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Hey Pink... yea, the site got hacked.. arrg<br>
I love it when you get one of THOSE runs.. motivating!<br>
Cigra should do another 22<img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="headbang"><br><br>
Nice headlamp run this morning for 13 miles progression style 9:40 - 8:20 (MP+20% to MP+10% as per Pfitz) 7:36 last mile. Felt strong.
Of course now that VRAA is over, I've been kicking ass all over this week. Last week I hardly got off the couch. Today was my speed day. 6 miles total, with 7 x half mile at 5k pace. I was just guessing on the 5k pace.
6.5 miles at lunch with some strides at the end.
Kind of our own little private Idaho here huh?<br><br>
Pink, Thanks for the update. I have been like you, setting a goal and telling myself if I don't make it I'll switch to the half. But I keep hitting the darn things. So go in positive and see what comes out. 3 weeks back I ran with perch; last week with busiman. I am still out of synch so I may do a two week taper.<br><br>
You're in. Stay hydrated and keep us posted.<br><br>
I am slacking this week. Busy at work and I after the 22 I had that "I deserve a break today" feeling. A short tri on Sunday. So my shortish longish run will be ...when?<br><br>
ok, talk to later,<br>
60 minutes on the elliptical this morning, plus some weights and stretching.
It is still unreasonably hot so I did 6 miles on the treadmill, with 2 X 2 miles at Tempo pace (8:00) and 2:00 rest between the sets. Tempo work seems to be getting less miserable. By tiny little increments, but I'll take 'em.<br><br>
But -- I need to wean myself from the treadmill for pace runs. As soon as it's tolerably cooler, that will be my project.<br><br>
I also taught pilates today.
Woohoo!!! I'm having a GREAT night! Our practice was delayed until 7 by very smart coaches and running at dusk/early night made it SOOOO much better. 4.8 miles very progressive with the first half out at 19 minutes and the way back in like 14:45. Felt effortless, then to boot, I hop on MSN and see a lady of my interest and ask her to homecoming and all systems go...I got a date! <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Very Happy"><br><br>
Great runs today folk!
Glad to see the site back up.<br>
I'm still plugging along and did a 2 mile walk during lunch at work and a 3 mile run at a comfortable pace this afternoon. (34:12)
I didn't get in a run at all today, but I did get in a short 5.75 miles yesterday, but it was hard. Not that the terrain was hard - flat as a pancake. I just had a hard time running after 4 days at camp and not eating well and not drinking even half of what I normally drink in a day. Tonight I'm cooking down my two big pots full of tomato sauce that I spent the better part of three hours puree'ing yesterday. Roma's make up such good sauce, nice deep red. Smells so good in my kitchen right now.<br><br>
I'm just now filling out my registration for the 10K I'm in on Saturday (missed the mailing deadline, so will just register when I get there). There's the option of a 5K or 10K and since I've never done a 10K, I figured I'd do that one. The description of the 10K course is a "challenging, hilly course" - great, just what I want for my first 10K and especially after a week of not being able to get in much running. This outta be fun . . .
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