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Wednesday, April 19 - workouts!!

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Another crazy busy day..... Had to take a car to Costco for tire rotation so I worked at the food court area for 1.5hrs or so. Hahaha. No time for lunch time walk. A group was riding a trail but I just can't get out of the office at 4pm.... (some are texting storm all day long... do they work?!? Jealous....)

I didn't get out of the house until 6pm to ride a trail. Took my Pony and had a good time though it was hard, as usual, and with headache and all. But hey I am out enjoying the outside. 1.5hrs. And here I am I got too much to do so I am kinda working.... (beauty and curse of working from home)

Good news is, DD will start working soon (DC) She was in Chicago for the past weekend for a Japanese American Citizen League's panel discussion (?) (She was the organizer, I found out. Proud Mama moment), but stopped by here for like 36hrs. DS and his GF (or I should call fiancé) showed up for support and apparently he invited her to his/fiance's apartment for lunch. Warms you heart when they get together and do things together (especially they weren't that close in their teenage years).
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Hi Yo!
I caught up on all your adventures. Everyone was so busy while I was so busy.
On Tuesday I did my first full strength workout in a while, I was able to do partial body weight workouts while travelling. I keep feeling a push to do more strength workouts when I see how important muscle is and how easily its lost but then I want to do my usual outdoor activities and I don't have the time. i think I should get up earlier and squeeze them in more often but then I get too tierd. So there you have it. I will set up for the next cycle of workouts with my trainer on Thursday, I had moved to 2x/week so I could not feel guilty when that's all I do. She urges me to stick with that format even though some part of my brain says 3 or 4x would be better...

So for Wednesday it was housework, wood stacking snow shoveling and a little yoga. I am trying to catch up on food prep, unpacking and work as well as workouts it will all come together soon I hope!
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