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Wednesday, 5/10 Workouts

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Dipping back into the exercise world :)

Had a great vacation ... No, didn't watch the coronation (though saw a lot of the preparation), but did walk around a lot, hang out with DD and her BF, and visit family up north. Also ate out just about the whole time - so despite having 3 or 4 days with 12-16 miles walking, still managed to gain a couple of pounds (boo!).

Got back on track today with an outside bike ride (22+ miles). Didn't exercise yesterday (recovery from travel), and doesn't look like I'll get back on the bike until Saturday...

Hope everyone had a great week+ (haven't caught up with the threads)...

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Welcome back Geo! Feel free to tell us more about the trip. I’m all ears!

3rd day here in Mexico. No energy to create time to exercises…. Some plunk and core strength workouts while watching tv or reading social media posts are all I’m doing. The toughest day today I was dreading went much better so I’m relieved!

I’m afraid I will going a few lbs easily….ugh
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