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Wow, SB, that is f-cold. Stay safe. In a total isolation from civilization…. Your pantry looked great a few months ago - good luck! And keep up the great work with online trainer. I’m admiring your dedication!

I know, the longest darkness is now behind us..! Things are looking up as we have only 4 days to the christmas!

I didn’t post yesterday - 1.5hrs on a bike riding backwards at night with 5 others including DH . Another fun night!! Cold at first but it wasn’t bad at all! FIB cold one and burger. Super slow service … it was like 10:30pm by the time we got home…

yeah due to the upcoming serious weather, we decided to go get parents (80yo)… so this good daughter-in-law drove 8 hrs today to accomplish the task. I had to go to the plant first for our tradition of serving some goodies to the plant workers. Then drove, drove… 8hrs in total. Yikes. We arrived at home, 1:15 left to the close of the pool…. I just couldn’t muster my energy and motivation to hit the pool. So I went for an hour walk.

DS and his GF are supposed to leave Chicago to Boston tomorrow AM…. Hopefully they
1 - 1 of 3 Posts