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Geo-I was somewhat particular about the place I bought. The house itself is not quite the size or layout I wanted but its all location across the valley in plain view of the cell and sat towers. The internet is pretty great but only here others in the valley ahve none or spotty at best. The property also borders the Natl forest so the size and layout paled in comparison!

Today we are cutoff. All roads out are closed to snow or avalanche (another kind of snow issue). I finished a 1:30 hr strength training workout with a few interruptions I am at the end of the "cycle" so it gets long with so many reps. Ready for the new cycle next week even if I can't decide how many days it should be. Thsi one felt hard but then I've felt off since I got home, I think I'm improving but not there yet.

I will update you on dates early next month (when the customer decides if they will hold their review as scheduled).

As predicted, the temperatures are starting to plunge i need ot get otu and harvest the last green tomatoes and kale in the dome and finish shut down (empty water containers etc) for winter as it will be -20 to -40 tonight.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts