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Hey guys!

Zoj - my kind of run!
SB - what you are doing some good solid workouts!
Geo - sorry that technology didn’t cooperate… pretty mild temp outside - no outside during week?

Yep - employee exchange program. Hubster plans to come with me, prob not for the entire 12 weeks tho. His Detroit marathon is right in the middle of it. We are also thinking about running THE marathon in Greece - gosh, wouldn’t that be exciting?!

3 mile walk during lunch. Then another 2 miles walk after a dinner with late Mark’s wife. Our club is helping her with activities, meals together and such, which is very nice and she appears to be enjoying the company. I know now where he hit the tree….I made a wrong assumption of the route he was on. Why…. I guess he wanted his 20 miles in that day. Plan on running there tomorrow, as I recovers from the COVID shot.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts