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Wednesday 10/5

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<p>Anybody out there? Hello?</p>
<p> </p>
<p>Great fall weather in Northern VA today, and a great day to knock down a double. 7 miles at lunch, and another 5 or so this evening at home. At least that's the plan.</p>
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<p>Agreed on the beautiful fall weather!  44* and FOG!!!  Headed to the track for a MP run.  Shorts, team singlet and long sleeve to start will be perfect for race day.  STILL haven't decided on goal pace.  Found out that they won't have a 3:50 pacer, and 3:45 is just too aggressive of a goal.  So much for that.....  I was shooting for 2:10's but hit a steady 2:08.  Few blips here and there.  Actually slowed down when I was fighting the urge to chase a bunny.  And I threw in a few 2:06's for no reason.  Felt comfortably hard, just don't know if I can hold it for the whole 26.2.  Yes, I will continue to babble mindlessly for the next week and a half.  5.25m (some idiot can't count) in 45:01.</p>
<p>Asics--maybe you should be listening to a coach, not a couch.  I mean, what do couch potatoes know anyway?!  Is that 57* and full sun or cloudy?  Cloudy wouldn't be too bad.  But, if it is sunny, you probably will need to adjust your goals esp if this is not a goal race.</p>
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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