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Wednesday 10/24

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Hah stupid me...11 days to go before I start things up again. Oh well...I need to get a book read by next week so I shouldn't have too much free time.<br><br>
Have a great day out there.
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Very nice, EQ. The colors are coming. Finally!<br><br>
Had a meeting tonight, but still got outside. 55F and <i>breezy</i> at 9:15pm.<br><br>
7 miles total<br>
2 warm-up<br>
3 @ T-pace "cruise intervals" (4x1200m; with 1 min rests)<br>
2 cool-down<br><br>
Was really cool and breezy out. Thought about heading to the Y, but on my warm-up I just headed to my local road course. Its well lit and in a neighborhood shielded from the lake wind. Surprised to feel fresh at such a late hour. Averaged about 6:24 pace for the 3mi tempo.<br><br>
That's it. All trained up, save for two short runs totalling 7 miles, for Sunday's race.<br><br>
Congrats on the breakthrough mileage! Enjoy a day off.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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