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Wed 3.16.11

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<p>13.1 miles this morning.  2.25 mi warmup; 4 X 2 mile repeats w/ .5 mile intervals; cool down.  oa pace 7:36</p>
<p>Ran this in the hills and goal pace for the repeats was mp.  hit the 1st one, close on the second. 25 seconds off on 3rd, and 19 seconds off on last.  Last two were the hilliest and head winds so all in all an ok workout; as I felt especially tired this morning.  Achilles seems ok this morning.  May have to quit racing the T6 flats?</p>
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<p>What's going on today in your world?</p>
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<p>Oh, 65 degrees and humid this morning.  :)</p>
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<p>Recovered nicely from my workout yesterday so I ran a medium effort this morning. </p>
<p>9 miles 67:50 2% incline 950 ft elevation gain</p>
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<p>Warming up starting tomorrow so I may find a 5k to jump into over the weekend.</p>
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