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Wed 1/4 - Is it Friday Yet?

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<p>Morning peeps.</p>
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<p>I am up bright and early working at home rather than running.  I have my first interval workout and decided to wait until the sun rises to hit the streets since it is still pretty icy out there.  I just really didn't want to have to attempt .5 mile repeats on the treadmill if possible.  Hopefully the temps will be bearable in an hour or so.</p>
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<p>Other than that, it should be a relatively uneventful day for me today.</p>
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<p>Morning all.    2 miles on the indoor track.   I am running faster than I expect when I run, but my endurance is shot and I am taking very frequent walk breaks.   I should probably download the C25K again and try to do more structured walk/run intervals...or I should probably just relax about it for a few weeks.  One of the two :)</p>
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<p>Speaking of eating the right things - I just found out Chili's is the restaurant of choice tonight.  Not the easiest place to stick to plan!   Good news is: I ate on the lighter side for lunch, so I have a bit of room in the calorie budget.   Bad news is: that all the things I normally order are twice that amount!</p>
1 - 3 of 56 Posts
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