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Hey everybody:<br><br>
I currently run on Mizuno Wave Riders and race & do speedwork in Brooks T4s. I'm 32 y/o male and a pretty light (~145) and efficient, neutral runner. I don't seem to need too much from my shoes. I regularly get 600+ miles out of my Wave Riders and mostly replace them at that point because they are falling apart.<br><br>
When I started wearing the T4s this year I was expecting that my legs would be really sore after races and workouts since they have basically no cushioning. That was not the case. Other than an adjustment period of sore calves (which I gather from reading is due to the fact that flats have little heel and allow a greater range of motion) I've been extremely comfortable in the T4s. I now do at least one run a week in the T4s.<br><br>
Ironically, and the point of this post, I get more tweaks running in my Wave Riders that I do in the Brooks. I'm talking about an occasional sore knee (either one) and sore achilles. That said, I do more miles in the WR.<br><br>
I've been inspired by some of the people I know here (hey <b>Moon</b> hey <b>Lolly</b>!) who are barefooting it pain-free, and while I'm not ready to go that far, I'm thinking about mixing in a 'performance trainer' or heavier flat for more of my runs.<br><br>
Does anyone have any experience moving down in shoes like this and want to offer advice, or recommend shoes? Or tell me I'm an idiot?<br><br>
I'm thinking about trying a pair of Mizuno Wave Precisions (9.8 oz), or maybe an Asics DS Trainer (also 9.8 oz). The knacker with those of course is no one carries them retail around here, so I'll have to order on the net and wing it.<br><br>
So, in summary, I'm thinking that I'm running in more shoe than I need and I think it might benefit me to train in a lighter more netural shoe than the Wave Riders (as comfortable as they are). I'm thinking I'll mix them in for a run a week and if there are no ill effects, slowly start phasing out the heavier trainers.<br><br>
Agree / disagree?
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