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Event: 32nd Vulcan 10K (RRCA National 10K Championship)<br>
Location: Birmingham, Alabama<br>
Date: Nov 3rd [traditionally held on the 1st Saturday of November]<br><br>
Yesterday morning was an absolutely beautiful day for racing. This is my hometown 10K and a race done by my club, the Birmingham Track Club. The race was also my 10K debut last year.<br><br>
Having just ran my fall goal race, a marathon, last Sunday, I really didn't know what to expect. At first, I thought that I would run this with one of my friends who runs about a 1 hr 10K. Then I thought that I'd just run it at an easy cruise pace, but faster thant 1 hr. Then I thought if I felt good, I'd just keep easing the pace up and see what happens.<br><br>
I started off the race in the back of the pack. I had about 2:15 differential between the gun and getting over the starting line. So, I'm off.<br><br>
In the first mile, I did a fair amount of the weave and bob due to all the runners and my pace being a little faster. No worries, I didn't want to go out too fast. 1st mile comes in 7:52. Ok, that's good that'll work.<br><br>
What's this? I need to pee again, after having gone twice before the race. I see a promising looking bush and pull over just before the two mile marker. Fortunately, it was a quick stop. Mile 2: 7:46.<br><br>
Heading to mile three and the field is starting to spread out. I've passed a bunch of folks. I see a couple of guys that I recognize from my training group. They say they're doing good as I go by.<br><br>
Halfway through mile 3 you start the climb. By now, I'm on the outside line, the long line. The inside is all jammed up, so there's no way I'm passing people over there, so I'm having to run the longest distance. Mile 3 of climbing shows: 8:18 on my watch.<br><br>
Mile 4 starts to flatten out a bit before you go screaming down hill to mile 5. Mile 4 passes in 7:34<br><br>
Mile 5 is always a fast one for me. I had run this course in training a few weeks before the marathon, and having done a lot of my marathon training on steep hills, I knew how much I could push it and not feel it on my quads. Mile 5: 6:55<br><br>
Now the course if pretty flat and strainght going to the park for the finish. Mile 6: 6:59<br><br>
By now, I knew that I could get a PR over last years time. So, I just tried to concentrate and run fast for the last .2 miles. Did the last little bit in 1:15. Final time: 46:43. Right at two mins faster than last year's 48:45.<br><br>
After the race, I talked with friends and my co-worker who gutted it out in spite of having a cold and having to walk a bit. We went into the auditorium for the post race party, free food and free beer! Awesome.<br><br>
Final Time: 46:43 (my watch not chip time)<br>
1 - 7:52<br>
2 - 7:46<br>
3 - 8:18<br>
4 - 7:34<br>
5 - 6:55<br>
6 - 6:59<br>
.2 - 1:15

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2 PRs in a week -- woo hoo! Great job!

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Tim - That training plan really took you to a whole 'nother level this year. We were talking about you on Saturday in NYC and how you really just stuck that plan and ground it out week after week and how awesome it was to see the inhuman splits you put down at MCM. This is just the fun part now <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Smile"><br><br>
Congrats on a PR and an awesome year.

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Hang on a second - you're telling me you could have had an even bigger PR one week after a marathon if you didn't suffer from incontinence and over-politeness by letting all the slow people start in front of you?! You need the <b>Eye of the Tiger</b> and the <b>Bladder of the Camel</b> (a much less famous but no less inspirational song that I believe was the B side of Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger" - it's kind of a cult classic)

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Great job <b>Tim</b>! I can't believe you ripped off a 10K PR the week after a marathon PR. Amazing!
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