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Vt 50 ?

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Comments RE: VT 50 for 1st 50 miler? How difficult compared to Pineland farms challenge?<br>
Planning to do road marathon 1 month prior as part of training but will do other longer training runs, on trails as much as possible
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Just to be contrarian, I would NOT recommend VT 50 as a first time 50 miler. Granted, I have not run the 50, but I have run the 50K and 100, parts of which overlap with the 50. The hills and difficulty of the course should not be underestimated. A race like Stonecat, a much easier course, would be a better first choice. Also, Stonecat is logistically easier because you can leave a drop bag at the start/finish area. Pineland is in the same vein as Stonecat and would also be a good choice, although obviously is a lot earlier in the year so does not give you as much time to train.<br><br>
A lot of it depends on your running background, obviously. If it is your first 50, though, you want to maximize your chances of finishing, and move up to a more difficult course as you go along. If you run a race like Stonecat or Pineland, simply in terms of probability your chances of finishing will be higher.
1 - 1 of 27 Posts
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