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Vt 50 ?

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Comments RE: VT 50 for 1st 50 miler? How difficult compared to Pineland farms challenge?<br>
Planning to do road marathon 1 month prior as part of training but will do other longer training runs, on trails as much as possible
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I don't know about the Pinelands event, but I did VT 50 as my first ultra last year. I ran a 50K three weeks prior, then a training run of 26 miles two weeks prior. I finished the VT 50 in 11:15 walking all the ups. I had a great time. My feet hurt for a month afterwards but it's cool. I haven't run but 6 runs since. Gained 20 lbs. Back to point, it's a very fun race. Beautiful scenery. Go for it. You can do it. Before this race the longest I ran was the 50 K three weeks prior. Before that ~25 miles in training. Include hills as SherpaJohn is right, it is a mountain race.
1 - 2 of 27 Posts
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