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Vt 50 ?

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Comments RE: VT 50 for 1st 50 miler? How difficult compared to Pineland farms challenge?<br>
Planning to do road marathon 1 month prior as part of training but will do other longer training runs, on trails as much as possible
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I know a few people who did VT as their first 50 and they all had great things to say about it. As long as you train appropriately I think it could be fine for a first 50, but I haven't run it myself. If you're tough enough there is no reason not to make your first 50 a tough one.<br><br>
As one of the RD's of Pineland I obviously know the course well, I also ran the 50k last year. Pineland may be easier than a lot of races but I wouldn't call it easy. There is nothing technical about the trails, and there are no major hills, but the rolling terrain is unrelenting. I saw a lot of walking during my first lap (25k), I didn't do any walking until my second lap but wished I had started walking earlier.<br><br>
So in response to the original question, even though I haven't run the VT 50, I would say that Pineland is going to be an easier 50 miles. I would also say that the Pineland 50k would make an excellent primer for a more difficult ultra later in the summer or fall.<br><br>
In response to comments about logistics, the Pineland course could be looked at as a figure 8 where you return to the starting point after 10 miles, then again 5.5 miles later for each lap. This year, since we're adding the 50 miler we will be designating a drop-bag area that 50k runners will pass a total of 3 times during the race and 50 miler runners will pass 6 times.<br><br>
Ian Parlin<br>
RD - <a href="" target="_blank">Pineland Farms Trail Challenge</a><br><a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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