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<p id="user_yui_3_3_0_6_1300998813550142">ARE YOU READY!?!? </p>
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<p>A brand spanking new round of the VRAA will begin on Monday!  Teams will be announce on Saturday night.</p>
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<p>You need a little something something to get the mojo a flow? DO THE VRAA!! </p>
<p>Fall marathon training has begun, do you need a little motivator to get you out the door for your training runs?  DO THE VRAA!! </p>
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<p>Tell your friends and neighbors!  Again, no hard corp or tracking across America (because I am that geographically impaired).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Teams are assigned based on individual's level of badassedness and the team with the most points at the end of four weeks WINS!!!  You will easily track your points into the <a target="_blank"><span style="color:#016ca9;">database</span></a> that Hairy Trotter designed - a place where you can also track the progress of you, your team, other teams and other individuals and the level of badassedry you each signed up for. </p>
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<p id="user_yui_3_3_0_6_1300998813550157">Keep track of mileage and time and PROMPTLY score your points. You can run, walk, bike, swim, yoga, zumba - get on out there and get er done!</p>
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<p id="user_yui_3_3_0_6_1300998813550159">There wil be a <em><strong>5 point bonus</strong></em> if you participate in a race!    Relay participants get 5 points per leg of their race!</p>
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<p><strong>Round 27 will start Monday June 6 and run through Tuesday July 5.</strong></p>
<p>To sign up, please reply to this thread and let me know:</p>
<p id="user_yui_3_3_0_7_1307129704614167">A. Level of Badassery</p>
<p id="user_yui_3_3_0_7_1307129704614152">2. Who wants to be a Captain?<br><br>
What kind of badass are you?!   Estimate your points for the month, divide by 4 weeks to determine what level of badassery you're at.</p>
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<p><span style="font-size:small;"><span style="text-decoration:underline;"><b>VRAA levels of badassery</b></span></span><br><br><span style="font-size:small;">When you sign up, please place yourself in one of the following categories. Make your best guess about what you'll average over the course of the next several weeks and categorize yourself accordingly. You won't be punished if you end up doing more or less <b>(do keep in mind that all the non-running points add up; <span style="color:#ff0000;">a lot of cross-trainers and multi-sporters tend to underestimate their productivity</span>).</b></span><br>
<p id="user_yui_3_3_0_7_1307129704614170"><strong id="user_yui_3_3_0_7_1307129704614169">(1) <span style="font-size:16px;">Plutonium</span> Badass: </strong> When you're not working - you're working out.  It almost seems like exercising is what you do for a living. You rack up 350+ points a week.  A regular day's activity would include a 7 mile run, 25 mile bike ride and a 1500 yard swim, and that's an easy day! Teammates love you, opponents fear you, all secretly want to be like you.</p>
<p id="user_yui_3_3_0_6_1300998813550166"><br><span id="user_yui_3_3_0_7_1307129704614171" style="font-size:small;"><b>(2) Titanium Badass:</b> A cut above the rest. Your teammates love you, your opponents plan extra workouts because of you. You average earning 280-350 VRAA points per week. That's 2 hours on the elliptical trainer, every day. Or, you go to Pilates class for 60 excruciating minutes 3 times a week, bike 50 miles a week, and still find time to run an additional 40 miles.</span><br><br><span id="user_yui_3_3_0_7_1307129704614172" style="font-size:small;"><b>(3) Super Mega Badass:</b> You're a sizzling chunk of aerobic machinery, earning roughly 200-280 points per week or more. You run 40+ miles per week plus bike 25ish miles per week, or bike 135 miles per week, or walk a 9.5 mile mail delivery route every day plus run like a beast in your free time, etc.</span><br><br><span id="user_yui_3_3_0_7_1307129704614173" style="font-size:small;"><b>(4) Mega Badass:</b> You're hot & sassy. You're scoring constantly, garnering 120-200 VRAA points per week. Maybe you churn up the pool for 2000 yards in a week and then run 20 miles a week. But not content with that, you then do your cross-training (alt. workouts) because every Mega Badass just knows they should.</span><br><br><span style="font-size:small;"><b>(5) Badass:</b> You are the backbone of the VRAA. No team can win without a solid core of Badassery. You rack up 60-120 VRAA points per week. Cycle for 40 miles in a week and you've done it. In-line skate for 30 miles, same thing. Or you could just run for 15 miles in a week. Or mix it up a little. A Badass like you has options!</span><br><br><span id="user_yui_3_3_0_6_1300998813550167" style="font-size:small;"><b>(6) Badass in Training:</b> Maybe you're in one of those long tapers, or you're aspiring to badassery, or you're really busy right now, or you're crosstraining through an injury. We love you for who you are, and respect you for what you do. And what you do is this: earn 0-60 VRAA points weekly for your team. That's up to 15 mpw running, or 40 mpw on a bike, or 6000 yards of swimming, or a few good days at the gym lifting weights and/or tooling around on them machines. To get closer to the low end up the point range, simply up the Cheetos consumption.</span><br><br>
And, before you sign up, please review the <a href="" id="user_yui_3_3_0_7_1307129704614178" target="_blank">VRAA Etiquette Rules</a>. Be Honest and Play Nice.<br><br><strong id="user_yui_3_3_0_6_1300998813550165">Please sign up ASAP. Teams will be announced on Satruday night, June 4. And then's GAME ON!!!!</strong></p>
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