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VRAA "Spring Training" (Current game info)

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Welcome to VRAA "Spring Training"<br><br>
Wow, what a great turnout on a week's notice. Thanks for the interest in the game. I borrowed a scoring system from a local multi-sport club's winter Virtual Camp and thought to try it here. Keeping in line with my initial intentions, the goal is to keep it simple, have fun, and to include as many participants as possible. I think we'll accomplish that.<br><br>
We'll give it a go, but I do expect some hiccups. We may discover inconsistencies with scoring. Naturally, we will think of enhancements for future rounds. I look forward to discovering along with everyone here on how best to do this. If you have questions, please post to the <a href="" target="_blank">Questions, Answers, and Discussion</a> thread. Otherwise, I am available by PM for one and all.<br><br>
I admit I haven't been around for past VRAAs, but I get the sense there's quite a history here. Any traditions to continue?<br><br>
Personally, I hope to come out of this game faster and stronger. I look forward to "sweating" out a few miles with you over the next few weeks.<br><br>
Good luck!<br>
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I didn't know this place existed.<br><br>
I thought it was some runner's RACING or something.<br><br><br>
<carry on>
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