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Our Fearless Leader Rich (satfix) has requested that I come up with a logo for the VRAA. In addition to being something really cool, it would be another way that we could help support this - bandwidth ain't free, ya know. <img alt="smile.gif" src=""><br><br>
There's one problem. As a graphic designer, I'm a pretty good contracts attorney, if you know what I mean. <img alt="blush.gif" src=""><br><br>
I also know just asking people to come up with ideas for a logo can be the kiss of death. So I came up with my own idea. I have yet to draw it out, so let me draw a word picture for you.<br><br>
Did you ever play Pitfall? Remember Pitfall Harry? Kind of a stick figure, really. I thought that would be a good start. Maybe give him a rounder head, but still a very pixelated stick figure.<br><br>
He's running. He's carrying a flag. The flag has the letters VRAA in the old font they used for computers back in the day (you know, like the logo for Wall Street Week). In the background, there are hills and trees, all made of lines, terraced as in Atari 2600 graphics. I figured the runner and the flag would be the green of the old displays, but the graphics behind him could be colorful.<br><br>
Put all of that in box. Above the box, in an appropriate typeface, it says Virtual Race Across America. Below the box, right justified, is a logo (small).<br><br>
That's my idea. Have at it. I'm thrilled to hear it if you have a better one.<br><br>
The idea is to get a logo we can give to Rich so that he can add it to the store. Once the store has it, you can get it on just about anything...including technical shirts.<br><br>
As I said, your help is most welcome.
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