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Seems with the influx of new members, more are replying to a poll from - well 18 months ago!<br><br><br>
BUT - If you guys want to do another VRAA, here's what we need to make it happen.<br><br>
1. A Race Director - The last one was done by Liam. If he's still around and would like to direct it, then we're good - if not - we'll need a volunteer (said volunteer gets:<br>
- Moderator Status of this forum<br>
- email address to communicate with teams<br>
2. A consensus of the rules<br>
- How long? Miles or days?<br>
- Number of teams<br>
- what counts? (run only, run/walk, any cardio)<br>
3. Method to report results<br>
4. Signup thread<br>
5. Team selection<br><br><br>
Finally - the Winning team gets their rank changed to VRAA Champion and will maintain that rank until the NEXT VRAA<br><br><br>
So.... If you guys want it, then start the process. Once you either decide on a Race Director or get Liam back to do it, let me know<br><br><br><br><br>
good luck!

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I think we should iron out the rules first, then post a signup thread so people know what they're committing for.<br><br>
I think we should count any cardio since we have a lot of cross trainers here. I believe the bike to run ratio is 4 bike miles to every run mile, and other cardio, we counted in either 15 minute or 1/2 hour increments in the past (i.e. elliptical, kickboxing or other cardio class or video, etc) Anyone remember???<br><br>
Does anyone remember what we did with swimming? I can't remember but I know some of us swim, especially when injured, so we can probably use that too.<br><br>
I know there are a lot of yoga devotees out there too, what do you guys want to do with that?
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