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What beer is the official beer of the Thor Stag Run?

Vote for the Official Beer of the Thor Virtual Stag Run

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Ok, we need to decide on an official beer to toast Thor's Stag Run. Please vote and if you vote for the write-in choice please let us know in your post! Something either local to the Boston area or available nationally is preferred so that the star of the show can be sure to imbibe at least one with the rest of us!
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Brew_Dad has already been to the beer store. <img alt="biggrin.gif" src=""> Our libations:<br><br><b>Saint Rogue Red</b><br>
The Malt Advocate described Saint Rogue Red as "An ale with great character and plenty of hops to satisfy. Full aromatic punch of caramel, citrus fruit and melon, with underlying fresh earth tones. Sweet caramel notes up front are quickly taken over by an array of fruit and hops bitterness that lingers into the night. A more adventurous ale than most."<br>
Reddish copper in color, a roasty malt flavor with a hoppy sprucy finish. Saint Rogue Red is made with two-row Harrington, Klages and Munich malts, along with Hugh Baird 30-37, 13-17 Carastan, and Crystal 70-80 malts (44.4% speciality grains .39 lbs grain per bottle); Chinook and Centennial hops. Saint Rogue Red is available in a 22-ounce bottle, 12-ounce 6-pack (new for 2005), and on draft. Saint Rogue Red Dry Hopped-a draft only variation with raw Centennial hops added to the keg, giving the beer an increased hop finish and intense hop aroma.<br>
2007: Dry-hopped Red is making its debut in bottles! This will replace the classic Saint Rogue Red recipe and package -- details to follow.<br>
Measurements: 13 degrees Plato, IBU 44, Apparent Attenuation 73, Lovibond 27<br>
No Chemicals, Additives, or Preservatives<br><br><b>Deschutes Cinder Cone</b><br>
Original and distinct, Cinder Cone Red has a rich malt flavor and a reddish color derived from caramel, malt and roasted barley. Amarillo and Tettnang hops balance the toffee flavor.
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I'm honored that you think so highly of my copy & paste skills.<br><br>
I've never tried the Rogue beer but I LOVE Cinder Cone. New Season's usually has it but I think BD went to Belmont Station.
At least have a Kiltlifter for me....<img alt="biggrin.gif" src="">
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