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What beer is the official beer of the Thor Stag Run?

Vote for the Official Beer of the Thor Virtual Stag Run

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Ok, we need to decide on an official beer to toast Thor's Stag Run. Please vote and if you vote for the write-in choice please let us know in your post! Something either local to the Boston area or available nationally is preferred so that the star of the show can be sure to imbibe at least one with the rest of us!
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I love you guys!<br><br>
How about the Sam and Harpoon variations of the Irish Red. Sam has Samuel Adams Irish Red, which actually is pretty good and probably damn good if you can find it on tap. Of course, it's nothing like Brew Dad's selections, which by the way sound very good... Harpoon Hibernian is also decent and I know for a fact it can be very good on tap.<br><br>
Is it Saturday yet?!<br><br>
By the way, I found a BAF for the National Anthem. Already in the back of my car. And by the way, BAF stands for Big Ass Flag!<br><br>
Where's Saturday?
You've convinced me to give the Dogfish Head's a try... I see them at my local liquor store all the time and have read many good things.<br><br>
Harpoon IPA gives me a headache, too... but I think it's because it is more dehydrating... and if so maybe Dogfish is the same way.
LOVE Smithwicks (smit-icks)... drank a lot of that when I went to Ireland a few years ago, and yes they do have it over here... but please, no Bud... unless it's all you drink.<br><br>
Actually, I like a lot of Scottish beers... Belhaven on tap is a favorite.
So very true. A few years ago the Ironmate and I went to Virginia Beach to run the Shamrock Marathon. Following the event there was an amazing tent party right on the beach hosted by Killians. Free beer after running is always good. But after getting my bib number marked a max of 6 times (plus sneaking a few) it left a pretty nasty hangover. Because it is only a step up from Bud.<br><br>
Red Rocket sounds good, but I'm not sure it makes its way out to these parts. I'll check next time I'm doing the selection tour.
I'm touched... I think I'll go cry in my BEER! <img alt="biggrin.gif" src="">
Oh my God am I eXcItEd. Wow... Just an hour away.<br><br>
And of course, Kristine, you can drink whatever you enjoy most, because the only thing that matters is that we, as a team, bond together in fun and joy and stomp a little pavement or, in another form, power that body forward. Bud, scud, or some chunky chocolate beer, it's the people like you, knowing that when I raise my glass here in Boston toward Seattle area you will be on the other end feeling the love.
1 - 6 of 31 Posts
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