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What beer is the official beer of the Thor Stag Run?

Vote for the Official Beer of the Thor Virtual Stag Run

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Ok, we need to decide on an official beer to toast Thor's Stag Run. Please vote and if you vote for the write-in choice please let us know in your post! Something either local to the Boston area or available nationally is preferred so that the star of the show can be sure to imbibe at least one with the rest of us!
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My write-in:<br>
THE SHIPYARD Blue Fin Stout. Mmmmmm...yummy!<br><br>
I've recently acquired a taste for stouts and have begun drinking it more (for health reasons really). I'd go with anything DOGFISH HEAD...great tasting brews. But it always gives me a headache.<br><br>
It is available here. I drank several a couple weeks ago at the local Irish waterin' hole.<br><br>
1 - 2 of 31 Posts
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