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Venting. No need to reply.

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Why did we get labelled "The Happy Place", and why do people think we're too soft?<br><br>
If I look at the range of topics today in the PRT, there are several that are harder hitting than are over at CH.<br><br>
I think I'm going to go back to my rule of not even looking, it just gets me upset.
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You deserve an honest answer.<br><br>
1) I think that the majority of people who aren't bi-postal don't give a damn. The only people who are stirring things up or even mentioning the CH one way or the other on the PRT or anywhere are <span style="text-decoration:underline;"><b>some</b></span> who are bi-postal. And they are being shit disturbers. That bothers me as a moderator because I often have to deal with the outcome of shit disturbances. Why do people who have a foot in both places have to poke at one or the other. Fun? Yeah, no thanks.<br><br>
2) I am personally bothered by people who won't see past their own particular or peculiar prejudices. The people who seem to have their girdles most in a knot about the PRT have never even been here, really.<br>
That's just me, I find that ignorant. Meh. Leave them to their ignorance. But it did rankle.<br><br>
As to the contention that they will be the same place? Perhaps. But I hope not.<br><br>
I think that Kickrunners is far far more than the PRT, and I am glad that the vast majority of the KR community doesn't even care that the PRT exists. Sue's board IS the CH, and that's the distinction. I wish her all the best, but also wish that people would just get over last February.<br><br>
Nobody is forcing anyone to be here, and the insults are just silly. I'm sorry that I even went there to browse.
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1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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