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Venting. No need to reply.

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Why did we get labelled "The Happy Place", and why do people think we're too soft?<br><br>
If I look at the range of topics today in the PRT, there are several that are harder hitting than are over at CH.<br><br>
I think I'm going to go back to my rule of not even looking, it just gets me upset.
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Why do you guys continue to gaze at your navels??<br><br>
CH Runners and PRT will be nearly identical in a short period of time.<br><br>
Some people at each place have their knickers in a knot about the other place.<br><br>
The rest of us don't give a flyin' fadoo and post at either one, or in a huge number of cases, both.
Thanks for the answer. Since I have zero to do in life at the moment, and since I was pretty much away for a week, I went over to CH Runners and looked through the thread topics to see what might have caught your eye while browsing so I could look in there to see who was insulting KR. I got to Page 8 before I got tired of it...about 5 days worth of posts and I didn't see a single topic that would lead me to believe it was going to be anti-PRT. I even checked into those big venting DieCH threads and found virtually nothing about PRT except a couple of innocuous mentions.<br><br>
Also, I don't see anything here in KR that is anti-CH Runners. Peace seems to be reigning, but maybe I am just naive.<br><br>
That is quite different from before when several people (not a large group by any means)from both the old CH and PRT seemed to delight in letting everyone know how superior the one they posted on was to the other site. I found it rather silly myself and a few of us would have mock battles with ourselves from one site to the other to perhaps point out the silliness of it all. It sort of became an inside joke. I'm not sure if it rankled you the same when people here crapped on CH, but it pretty much bugged me equally.<br><br>
As for your contention that Sue's site is just a replacement for CH and nothing else, that may be true, but perhaps not. This site was a moribund place for you, tig and I to report our daily runs and there really wasn't anything much else here for many months. Now we are looking at some 25-odd forums and perhaps it will be 50 by summer. I'm not certain that wanting to be all things to all people is necessarily going to make it more successful, but it surely is growing. Her site had a leg up when it started because of the demise of CR so we will have to wait and see what happens. I really believe lots of people would be happy with a run and race report section, a training section, a food section and a PRT-like section. However, a good running log is clearly essential to most runners.<br><br>
I believe a great many of us will have tabs for both sites open and flip back and forth depending on what we find interesting.<br>
Right now I know that if I want sex topics then this is the place, if I want politics then CHRunners is the place. Everything's a toss up. The topics look pretty much alike to me. I post in threads I find interesting.<br><br>
You say that you are glad that the vast majority of the KR community doesn't care that PRT exists. However PRT threads make up approximately twice as many as all the other 20-odd forums put together, so I do believe it will continue to be the engine that drives the site. Besides, many of the other forums really are just PRT/Race Report combos in a separate forum. Just look at the topics. Many are extremely general in nature and really have nothing particularly to do with that forum. People just like it as a place to hang out.<br>
I call it finding their niche, much as some people who had been running for 35 years liked hanging out in Newbie on CH.<br><br>
...and that is far more than enough of me gazing into my own navel. <img alt="smile.gif" src="">
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Everything you say makes sense Rich. I understand exactly how you feel, and you most definitely should be very proud of the results considering all the hard work you have put into it. Indeed, you are absolutely correct in that a lot of the growth was due to the demise of CH, but don't sell the place short. It was growing anyway.<br><br>
As for my sex here/politics there statement that drives you nuts, I wasn't using that as an example to mean "fluffy" here "substance" there. I meant it literally...and some of the sex topics here had a lot more substance than the politics there. It's just the nature of the forums at the moment. Of course if someone on CHRunners were to announce a sex change that could alter the atmosphere quickly. <img alt="smile.gif" src=""><br><br>
One thing that is kind of interesting is the double posts that are occurring occasionally at the moment. People just aren't sure where to go with it, so they go both places.<br><br>
Most topics I start just get posted in whatever forum I happen to have open when the brain fart hits. It's not that it's likely to be a beacon of brilliance.<br><br>
I also think that your opening up KR to the other forums as CR died was one of those "no good deed ever goes unpunished" things as some people will always see a pile of crap while others are already out riding the pony. I think it was one of those absolute win-win things for KR. It was the right thing to do AND it helped build the site. Anybody who wants to moan about that move is nothing but an idiot.<br><br>
Thanks for a great place to hang out. You have done a fabulous job.<br><br>
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