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Venting. No need to reply.

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Why did we get labelled "The Happy Place", and why do people think we're too soft?<br><br>
If I look at the range of topics today in the PRT, there are several that are harder hitting than are over at CH.<br><br>
I think I'm going to go back to my rule of not even looking, it just gets me upset.
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Actually JC: It may appear that the PRT is still the main draw, but you're looking at numbers over the last year.<br><br>
The truth is, in fact, at any given time, there are as many or more in the other forum's combined than in the PRT. Granted, the running clubs are sorta 'mini-prts'; in as much as they will talk about their own stuff - but running is a part of their conversation whereas in the PRT it isn't.<br><br>
I do not think will be like KR - anymore than KR was like Coolrunning - at least in 'feel' - yeah, we're all forums' with running as the common thread, but that's where the similarity ends. I say this, but I believe you know this anyway - I don't believe we're better - or worse - just 'us'.<br><br>
As to the comment about "sex here/politics there" - to be frank - thats the crap that drives me nuts. At any given point in time, each forum will have a different focus - but by making comments like this, I feel we make a blanket statement that means - <b>KR is fluffy and they don't talk about important things. If you want <i>real conversation,</i> then you need to go here..<br><br></b>It's not true - but by continuing perpetrating that impression - FORCES this place into that 'reality'. Why not look to contribute to the topics we 'allegedly' can't handle, instead of planting the seed of 'truth' - even in jest.<br><br><br> isn't what it started out to be - and I'm THANKFUL! Excuse my selfishness, but several of us have invested a great deal of time and money in this place - and it feels great to see so many people join and now contribute to it. We're no longer the 5 member forum with one post a month - we've worked hard to get this place this way; and though much of the growth came as a result of the demise of other forums - had we not set this place up AND continued to offer a quality place for members, they wouldn't have stayed.<br><br>
As to 'here or there' - This is another bullshit comment that cause nothing but problems and 'us vs them'. From what I can tell, none of the leaders or moderators here communicate this philosophy. Certain members seemed hell bent on making those comments, but as far as the overall leadership/moderators - I think it's a disservice to even suggest we want 'loyalty' here and to not go there. IF that was the case, I sure in the hell wouldn't have PROMOTED Sues forum or allowed them to continue talking about their forum - under the guise of 'So the CHrunners want to know fi we're talkin' about them' thread - which was simply a way to keep Chrunners in the PRT so others would find it (And as a capitalist, I didn't charge for their advertising) - So, please do not further this 'myth' of "we don't want you here if you go there..."<br><br><br>
K.. to quote you - i'm done looking at my navel (though lately with no running and stress, it's getting DEEPER! <img alt="biggrin.gif" src=""> )<br><br><br>
I've not said it enough - but thanks to all of you for your hard work!<br><br>
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