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<p>Since SG is bringing this up under anther topic, I thought that I would give URINEO it's own thread.</p>
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<p>Link to the webpage here.</p>
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<p>Also another discussion here.</p>
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<p>Typical FA, no shirt, no fee, no aid, and no whining.</p>
<p>The goal is to finish at 1:00 PM for the Fest at the Log Cabin.</p>
<p>So adjust your start time to finish around then.</p>
<p>If you are aiming to celebrate at the Cabin, please RSVP to the NEO Trail President so we can ensure adequate amounts of food and refreshments.</p>
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<p>There will be a group start at 7:00 AM last I heard.</p>
<p>For those running 50 Miles it will be a challenge to finish at 1:00, and I don't think anyone will make that.</p>
<p>The last two or three years very few make the 50 miles, so we weren't too worried about the 50 milers meeting the 1:00 start for the fest.</p>
<p>So do what you can and that will be part of the challenge, to go back out for another loop while the group is socializing at the cabin.</p>
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<p>For myself I am going to shoot for a 4:00 AM start, just like MMT for 2011.</p>
<p>Wrong Way Baker will be joining me.</p>
<p>I have not heard from Kimba what her start time is, but she has declared 50 miles as her goal.</p>
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<p>For those with more questions, ask away.</p>
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<p>Checked out the loop this morning.</p>
<p>Trail is in great shape.</p>
<p>The icicles of MCP are in full display for an added bonus.</p>
<p>We must be getting soft, as there are even a few ribbons out marking the intersections.</p>
<p>Looking forward to a some trail time tomorrow and then a party afterwards.</p>
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<p>See you there.</p>
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<p>That is part of the tradition of this event.</p>
<p>If there is snow, you have to write your name somewhere on the course.</p>
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<p>We were all impressed with Kimba pulling this off.</p>
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