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I answered a thread awhile back about an mp3 player that had plenty of memory and was small. I posted about the RCA 2 gig sports. After using it for awhile and fumbling with the controls by memory because you cannot see the display in sunlight decided this was more trouble than it was worth. Researched other mp3 players including the over price ipod nano.<br><br>
I thought the Zune 8 gig was the best bang for the buck so I got one. A little pricy at 179 bucks but cheaper than the ipod nano. The display is a bit smaller but the resolution is excellant and easily viewable in daylight. Some of the other players had the ability to plug in a memory card which this doesn't but at 8 gig and it's fast download speed makes a memory card fairly useless unless you want to put a bunch of movies on it. 8 gig is alot of songs, should last thru an ultra and your trip home. A big plus which isn't on the Nano is the FM radio and WIFI. The FM reception was excellent. The wifi allows wireless sync and the ability to sync with your running partner if they also have the Zune. It also syncs and charges on the usb port. It has a podcast feature and stores pictures. The screen is scratch proof glass. Lightweight, small foot print. Case and ac adapter seperate. There is no disk and requires a 36 meg download at the zune site. The 4 gig version is a bit cheaper and probably has ample storage space. It has a lock feature to lock the keys. I thought the controls were exceptional on it and allows for either click or touch operation.<br><br>
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