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Upcoming HM hill question

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<p>My next HM is coming up on June 5th! </p>
<p>This is a course that I ran a few years ago and although the course is generally flat (as they get around here), there are 3 creek beds that are quad busters and I'd like to go into this race more prepared than I was the first time.  </p>
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<p>For the HM the hills come at mile 3, mile 7 and 7.5 miles. </p>
<p>The first is hill loses about 100 feet in approx. .10 of a mile.  My first time running this I thought, oh, this isn't so bad.</p>
<p>The second hill loses about 125 feet in less than .10 of a mile.  My first time, I didn't run this... it's just plain steep.</p>
<p>The third hill loses 200 feet in approx. in .50 of a mile.  By the time I got here my quads and knees were not feeling so good.</p>
<p>Obviously there is some up to, but it's the down that just seems to kill me. </p>
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<p>I've been mixing up my long runs- one week hilly, the next week flatter, etc.</p>
<p>I'm doing one run per week that are just hills.</p>
<p>Then one tempo that is generally flatter.</p>
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<p>Since I have 4 more weeks of training, what do you hill runners say I should focus on more at this point?  Long downhills? Short downhills?  Doesn't matter... just do more hills?  You probably need to know that I'm not going into this to race it.  I am in full tri-training and am using this as a means to help me get stronger for my Oly's this summer.</p>
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<p>Any thoughts?</p>
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<p>I'm with Hobey, throw in some downhill repeats.  Downhill running requires technique.  You want to keep your body as perpendicular as possible to the ground, increase your turnover and keep your stride short.  The natural inclination is to lengthen your stride and that causes you to land harder and more on your heels.  You don't want to fight gravity, use it.  The classic mistake in downhill running is to lean back and land on your heel, which causes you to apply the brakes every time your feet hit the ground and makes your quads fire in ways they are not used to.</p>
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<p>Downhill repeats are just like uphill repeats.  Find a good hill, run downhill focusing on form and turnover.  When you get to the bottom, jog up.  Repeat this anywhere from 5 to 10 times.  You'll be going fast, but you don't need to push the pace.  Just keep up with gravity. </p>
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<p>Is this a trail race?  You mention they are creek beds, which indicates you may be talking trails.  Downhill on trails can be challenging, but they are a blast if you are confident and have practiced running them.  You need to keep your eyes on the ground about five to ten feet in front of you and learn to dodge rocks and roots.  You simply need to have faith and you'll either fly by people or end up picking dirt and rocks out of your teeth when your faith is misplaced.</p>
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