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Upcoming HM hill question

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<p>My next HM is coming up on June 5th! </p>
<p>This is a course that I ran a few years ago and although the course is generally flat (as they get around here), there are 3 creek beds that are quad busters and I'd like to go into this race more prepared than I was the first time.  </p>
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<p>For the HM the hills come at mile 3, mile 7 and 7.5 miles. </p>
<p>The first is hill loses about 100 feet in approx. .10 of a mile.  My first time running this I thought, oh, this isn't so bad.</p>
<p>The second hill loses about 125 feet in less than .10 of a mile.  My first time, I didn't run this... it's just plain steep.</p>
<p>The third hill loses 200 feet in approx. in .50 of a mile.  By the time I got here my quads and knees were not feeling so good.</p>
<p>Obviously there is some up to, but it's the down that just seems to kill me. </p>
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<p>I've been mixing up my long runs- one week hilly, the next week flatter, etc.</p>
<p>I'm doing one run per week that are just hills.</p>
<p>Then one tempo that is generally flatter.</p>
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<p>Since I have 4 more weeks of training, what do you hill runners say I should focus on more at this point?  Long downhills? Short downhills?  Doesn't matter... just do more hills?  You probably need to know that I'm not going into this to race it.  I am in full tri-training and am using this as a means to help me get stronger for my Oly's this summer.</p>
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<p>Any thoughts?</p>
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<p>You've already received some solid advice for downhill training. While you can still get some benefit for this race, it's a good idea to put this kind of thing into your regular training regimen year around. Running up and down hills helps build lots of leg strength. Learning to really let it fly on a steep downhill can take a person out of their comfort zone and out them on the edge of being out of control. It can be a scary feeling!</p>
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<p>Contrary to what some have written, I find it far better to maintain a running motion when going uphill. Even a slow running motion will generate more speed than walking. I used this to go past numerous people in my recent trail race and have been doing this for several years. If you have knowledge of the course you can use it to mentally push yourself. That quarter mile of uphill becomes a 3 minute effort for example. Power over the top and don't back off the effort until you're solidly on your way back down, and only then just long enough to get a small bit of rest.</p>
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<p>Have fun out there!</p>
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