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Universal health care question

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I agree that something needs to be done (desperately) to the health care system. The problem I have with universal health care is that if I understand it right, everyone's tax money devoted to the program would often go to treat preventable problems (things caused by smoking, sedentary lifestyle, etc). Is this true or false? How do you feel about it?
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I suppose we could also up the rate on bicycilist and various other hazardous sports. Folks who live in cities with alot of pollution should pay more. Of course the impoverished as thier lifestyles are such that they tend to be more unhealthy. TV tax for those who are couch potatoes.<br><br>
I don't know of anyone who has been denied health care. I enjoy not having to make appointments 6 months in advance and waiting hours to see the doctor. The service that I get today is excellant. Certainly there are problems with our health care along with just about everything else, but it is the best in the world. I am not inclined to want to make very many changes in our current system and I definately don't want the Government to take it over. I am all for making small improvements over time.<br><br>
Talk to an OB/GYN or a neurosurgeon about their malpractice rates.
Or an anesthesiologist or a radiologist...or a NICU doc...
Geez, seriously. It's truly ridiculous.
Do you have health insurance? If so then you are what I am saying. You can get health insurance.. You made a choice to be self employeed.. why was that?
when some states saw specialties leaving in droves, they started putting "caps" on malpractice. (in 2004 Cook County Ob/gyn paid about $250K for malpractice versus WI's $25K). I'm sure many OB/Gyn became just Gyn and others left IL that year, especially when getting licensed in another state is easy. You have to deliver alot of babies to pay for that premium!!! I'd rather move a few hours north and work part-time.
<a href="" target="_blank">Interesting reading on the relationship between malpractice litigation and malpractice insurance rates.</a>
Yes, i can. I have major medical health insurance for $300/mo. I pay CASH for every dr appointment, medication, blood work, etc. If i hit my $5200 deductable, then i have 100% in network coverage. Yeah, it is health insurance, but barely, it is hard to make medical decisions based on if you can afford it.<br><br>
ETA: i went to the ENT last year to get a refill on my allergy meds, the visit cost me $450, for less than 7 minutes. Nice, huh? Who knew it cost $350 to look up your nose, on top of the $100 office visit. That is not the type of insurance that i consider acceptable. luckily we were able to afford that, but most people cannot.<br><br>
I am self employed, because that is really the only option for my profession in this state.
I too have a very high deductable.. out of pocket last year for me, was ~ $4500.. so I feel your pain. So again, if most of the 15% wanted to have health insurance they could get it.
It's all about how you read the statistics.<br><br>
I know, personally, 6 doctors who have left medicine due to the "pain and suffering" rewards that were paid out. They could have handled the regular suit, the one that covered actual losses...compensation for lost salaries, medical care forever's the pain and suffering part that can get out of control. I'm not saying doctors shouldn't be sued when they do the wrong thing. They should. They should bear the responsibility for their misdeed for sure. They just shouldn't be asked to make the victim a millionaire on top of it.
but see, why should a healthy person that wants insurance have to pay more than a fat, slob just because the fat slob works for a corporate giant? And heaven forbid, if you are a person that works for a midsize company that becomes really, really sick. Not only do you have to worry about your health, you worry about getting fired because no one wants to pay higher premiums due to your sickness.
If you can prove that's why you were let go, you may have a case against the company
do you think the file is going to say "fired due to illness" or "missed several days of work"<br>
"could no longer do the job" or whatever.
<a href="" target="_blank">There is no system</a>:<br><br><i>A key tenet of the Mayo approach: there is no "system" now per se of U.S. health care, and the mere act of admitting that is liberating, because it frees policymakers to focus on designing one.<br><br>
Outlined by Mayo Clinic CEO Denis Cortese in a speech to the National Press Club, the overhaul plan treats universal coverage almost as an afterthought—sure, Mayo regards it as an essential goal, but Cortese spent little time talking about it and said other goals to improve the value of health care will be tougher to accomplish.</i>
There's a lot left unsaid in what you said Griz, particularly about the cost of health care in Canada. It is the largest expenditure for any provincial government, although education would be a close second in most.<br><br>
In most provinces employers bear the brunt of health care costs. Here in BC it's about 5% of payroll, so in effect business is paying for health care in Canada. Same in Ontario. Furthermore, in Ontario if you make a lot of dough you get to cough up another $900 per year. Lastly, most companies provide extended benefits to employees for things like dental care, glasses, extra hospital coverage, etc. That cost is never figured into any health care costs that I've seen.<br><br>
Health care in Canada is not cheap, but at least it's universal.
would "litigation" include those that are "settled out"??? I know my dh group sometimes finds out after the fact that their insurer paid out to a patient, it wasn't even like the provider had a say it's like "oh it was the minimum and wasn't worth the court costs".
I know what you mean, Meri. My dad is self employed and we never had health care when I was growing up because it was so expensive, it wasn't worth it.
The file will more than likely say something as to why they got rid of you.
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