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Universal health care question

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I agree that something needs to be done (desperately) to the health care system. The problem I have with universal health care is that if I understand it right, everyone's tax money devoted to the program would often go to treat preventable problems (things caused by smoking, sedentary lifestyle, etc). Is this true or false? How do you feel about it?
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Sure we all can pay the same amount, but lets make it like the tax code.. If your active and can prove it, you get a reduction, if you don't smoke another reduction, if your not an at risk age.. another reduction
Maybe the way to do it is mandate that everyone has to buy health insurance, at a catastrophic level min.. and if you can prove you can't afford that, the government would step in to help.<br>
There are currently programs in many areas that provide health care for the poor. My older brother is getting such insurance in Maine. He is self employed and was in a motorcycle accident two years ago and his income went way down. As long as he uses in network doctors, his costs are forgiven.
Exactly.. isn't that what universal anything ends up?
And most of the 15% that are not currently insured could be if they wanted to be. A lot of the under 40 crowd don't think they need it and would rather buy a new car, go on vacation, a big screen tv- I was one for many years- my insurance was I promised myself I wouldn't need to go to the doctor.. when I did and it costs me $2,000 for a broken bone.. I went on a payment plan to pay that off, and found private insurance. Sold my new truck, bought something cheap and used the payment I was making on owning the truck for the insurance premium.<br>
There are many programs, in many states for the poor to be covered, as I mentioned earlier<br>
Work a second job, find a job that offers health care..<br><br>
And for those that truely can't get insurance, there is Medicad, and social security.. and state programs..<br>
Having it run by the federal government will make the costs go through the roof..<br><br>
Just take the rebate thing for an instance.. at first they said it would be 150billion, then 160billion, then 168billion, and now they say it will actuallly cost more than 175billion.. that's just over the past few months.. what do you think will happen with health care run by these knuckleheads?
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Do you have health insurance? If so then you are what I am saying. You can get health insurance.. You made a choice to be self employeed.. why was that?
I too have a very high deductable.. out of pocket last year for me, was ~ $4500.. so I feel your pain. So again, if most of the 15% wanted to have health insurance they could get it.
If you can prove that's why you were let go, you may have a case against the company
The file will more than likely say something as to why they got rid of you.
Every situation is different.. Could you have gotten a job that had health insurance while you went to grad school part-time?<br>
If you could afford catastrophic insurance did you buy it? That is real insurance. See a doctor and go on a payment plan..
You have no idea what my situation is and what I've done to get and keep health insurance.<br>
We all make choices in life..<br>
And again I did say that there is a small % that can't get traditional insurance, but most of these can be helped locally(State funded) or through Medicad.
Yes, they should have to choose. It seems people want life to be fair, it just isn't.
I ate a lot of Ramen noodles and 75% lean beef.. peanut butter/ generic white bread.. didn't go anywhere unless it was absolutely necessary..<br><br>
It really sucked.
The citizens have a duty to themselves as well. And shouldn't put a burden on there neighbor(government funded health care tax) for choices they want to make.
I don't like how the money is spent on the military either. So we agree on something
I don't have children either. But basic education is in most state constitutions, and if you don't want to pay.. change the law..<br>
I know you were tongue and cheek here..<br>
My actual thought on this, people generally make a choice to have child.. I don't think they should get to pay less tax than those that don't have children.
How do you figure??<br>
I don't pay a mortgage
Ahh just jump in.. For or against government funded health care.. and why?
What you mean like they do in some countries.. Here take this test.. and the results will put you on this path for the rest of your life..<br>
I'm all for people making the choices they want to make, just don't ask me to pay for it.. Kinda like the subprime market and foreclosures..
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