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Universal health care question

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I agree that something needs to be done (desperately) to the health care system. The problem I have with universal health care is that if I understand it right, everyone's tax money devoted to the program would often go to treat preventable problems (things caused by smoking, sedentary lifestyle, etc). Is this true or false? How do you feel about it?
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Let's review a few facts:<br><br>
1. 85% of the population already has access to health care, most via their employer<br>
2. It was not always this way. It was not till the 1940's (IIRC) when providing health care benefits became the norm in the workplace. Few had ANY health care coverage before that.<br>
3. Of the 15% that is uninsured, not all need it now (though all likely need it at different times).<br><br>
Now let's review a few "near-facts" (commonly held facts, that are debatable perhaps).<br><br>
1. The government is now spending more money than ever in history on education. Most agree these should be dollars well spent.<br>
2. We (taxpayers) are now being taxed more than at any time in history.<br><br>
But are we getting the results? In many places in the US, the dropout rate is over 50%. Engineering firms are crying for more US-educated Engineers from our colleges. In today's global economy, many jobs are going overseas to India and/or China - both out of necessity and because of economics. Why? Not enough US-educated engineers. More are available (and at a cheaper cost) than in the US. Companies MUST make profits or they close.<br><br>
Will the government do a better job of managing Universal health Care? I think not. Instead, let's create programs (either government or private sector) that will help the 15% to afford health care from the private sector.<br><br>
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