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Umstead Trail Marathon

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Just curious how many others out there are going to be doing this run this weekend? The trails have been in great shape every weekend and should be ready. Last Sunday the weather was perfect (50's) and sunny during my run and it looks like this Saturday is calling for the same.<br><br>
Just a month of training left for the 50 for me and this week is my only planned back-back 20's. Maybe that is why I am up typing this at 4 AM....<br><br>
Hope to see you all out there.
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Going for my 5th pint glass! Woefully under-trained (new baby, new job, blah blah blah) but plan to go out slow and then ease off, Slug style. I just wish it didn't start so late!
<b>YEAH!!!</b><br><img alt="banana.gif" src=""><br><br>
It's been raining most of Friday! Forecasts call for 60% chance of rain showers on race morning and 20-30 MPH winds! A low of only 52F. Winds probably won't be too much of an issue within the park, especially on the trails, but at least the weather is cooperating to make this a more 'extreme' run, since it's just a marathon!<br><br>
Helped me make the decision between newer road shoes and older trail shoes. I will reward my trails shoes who suffered through my DNF at Mountain Masochist with a muddy, hopefully wet day in the park.<br><br>
Best of luck to all runners!!!
Yes, a HUGE thanks to all of the awesome volunteers! <img alt="notworthy.gif" src=""><br><br>
I loved the rain at the start, and the beginning of Sycamore trail, running through puddles! Being woefully undertrained, I started way too fast (sub 9 minutes each for the 1st two miles), but reeled it in and kept my heart rate around 155 for the remainder. I felt great for the whole race, my biggest problems being a blister on my left foot, some sore toes, and very tired hip flexors. I was able to keep myself running/slogging up all the hills, only stopping to walk at aid stations. I've never done that in this race. In the past four years, coming up the corkscrew, Cedar ridge trail (i.e 'Wheels fell off hill') and Cemetary Hill at mile 25 always had me walking, usually very slowly! It felt great to not be 100% tapped out this year!<br><br>
With ~0.5 miles to go, I was at 4:11 and decided to try to get in under 4:15, which I know is a completely arbitrary goal. So I kicked it in on the thankfully downhill section and came in 4 seconds under, slightly besting last years 'breakdown' time. I did not, however, even come in first in my name group, having another person with my exact name beat me this year.<br><br>
Enjoyed a pint in my new glass later that night.<br><br>
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1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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