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Umstead Trail Marathon

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Just curious how many others out there are going to be doing this run this weekend? The trails have been in great shape every weekend and should be ready. Last Sunday the weather was perfect (50's) and sunny during my run and it looks like this Saturday is calling for the same.<br><br>
Just a month of training left for the 50 for me and this week is my only planned back-back 20's. Maybe that is why I am up typing this at 4 AM....<br><br>
Hope to see you all out there.
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I agree, 9 is late the way things have been weather-wise but with the park logistics I am not sure they could do much else. The nice thing about that start is by the time I finish I will feel no guilt about going somewhere and using my glass!
It should be fun. What's a little mud, rain, and wind?
Hey nice to meet you as well, sorry to hear about your tough day.<br><br>
I agree the race was great. The support was good and it was impossible to get lost.<br><br>
I am trying to determine what was my "favorite" part:<br>
1. Downpour at start<br>
2. Single track mud<br>
3. That hill from ~ mile 22.5 to 24. That was a cruel twist.
1 - 4 of 17 Posts
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