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Ultrarunners Aren't That Far Off the Mark....

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<p> turns out that long distance runners are probably more in-touch with their evolutionary roots than anybody else. Those of you who've read "Born to un" already know the theory.</p>
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<p><em>"Dating back millions of years, the persistence hunt is the most ancient form of hunting known to man. It's also a theoretical key to both our modern-day athletic makeup and our obsession with speed.... <span style="display:none;"> </span></em></p>
<p><em>The basic premise is that we evolved into the species we are today thanks to one key but long-overlooked attribute: the ability to run long distances. The sports implications are both elemental and monumental, telling us that running isn't just a whim of humans; it's why we are human. "</em></p>
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<p>Here's a great article on the matter as well as the documentary....</p>
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<p><em><em>(cross posted in Extreme Running, but not everyone is into ultra)</em></em></p>
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