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Tuesday Workouts, 4/18

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Woke up this morning and got it done (23 miles Zwifting). Going to the movies tonight to see "Air".
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Good for you Geo
sorry for a longer than usual for me absence. Issues with Dad got acute and i had to head east quickly. Once there it was challgneing and demanding. He is now doing much better (a surprise) and i am now back in Wyoming where, no surprise, it is snowing.

I need to read through all the missed days!

Yo got to Japan I turst and what did everyone else do :)
I have been out to ski since I got back but otherwise unpacking and cleaning and catching up be back with you all soon!
Grrr, my post didn't get posted!!
What I was saying is.....

SB - glad hear your father is doing better. More frequent talk about our aging parents for sure wherever I go... espeically while I was in Japan. It is only April and you will still have plenty of time to enjoy snow!

Geo - I didn't watch the Boston either. "AIR" - I have never heard of it. let us know how it was.

2- mile walk during lunch. 1-hr on fat after work. A friend from Friday Beer Ride caught me on his motorcycle and chatted on the side of the dirtroad for good 15min. Good to catch up as we didn't have lots of time to talk a few weeks ago during the beer ride. Then squeezed another session of swimming. 1000yds. yep keeping it low. THat's how my PT wanted me to try and see. So far, it is not perfect, but it's ok. A bit of 'notice' but no real discomfort at all.
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